Friday, December 25, 2015

September 2015

we had a batismal servivico this saturday for girl of 9 years. We also had ward conference this sunday and we also had a lot about keeping the sabadath day holy and how to better our selfs with the commandments of god. little a little and personally assessing. Been super busy and lots work! but i love it. Teaching alot of investagordes. will have to tell me how the german is because i might want to learn a little when i get back. I hope the unpacking goes well!
Con amor,
Elder Mendenhall

Im doing great woeking hard to get people married and also working hard preaching the gospel. Yeah transfers are on the 3rd of Oct. No didnt feel the earthquake. No dont think its from the water and if it is im use to the water now. There was a lunar eclipse last night which was cool to see here.
Thank you for all your prayers. I hope noah likes it.(hockey)

And thats good, kinda want to learn german when i get back! isnt that the truth about packing and unpacking, but you have a little less to unpack with my stuff.

It the big issue here, very few people are legally married. No i will be staying in the same area. The best part was going to the temple gardens with one of our investigadores and after eating a candle light dinner with them because the power went out. The dinner was delicious and she is very close to being baptized.

no i will have a differnt comp.
i dont know why the power went out, but the power likes to go out in our pension easily, can barely have anything plugged in and if you plug one to much then it goes out.  they have 2 differnt plugs and our pension has both which is annoying sometime cuz you have to use that plug for one thing. but we have to use adaoter for american things

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