Sunday, April 16, 2017

March-April 2017

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March 7, 2017 - 21 Months

Hey mom So I'm training Elder Ragasa who is from the Philippines. He is a great missionary, he was in the Philippines for 6 weeks waiting for his visa and then was in the MTC for 6 weeks. Very dedicated and trying his best with the language. He understands English and speaks it kind of, sometimes it can be a little difficult to communicate. We have a been receiving many blessing lately, we have a baptism this Sunday and we found a young couple Saturday that wants to get baptized, they just have to get married. Loosing myself in the work and very busy. Love you so much and excited to see you all in person very soon. I hope all is good at home. We went downtown today and went exploring we went to a cool museum. I should be coming home the 23rd of May.  Got the package!!!!! 

March 14, 2017

My week was really good, we are teaching the new couple almost everyday. Really are awesome and progressing super fast. B. went to Church and love it she felt super compfortable, D. couldn't with work. He should be coming this week though. We are working with getting married, If things go the way planned the should get married in a 2 or 3 weeks and then have their baptism! We had to push V. baptism for this Sunday, we are planning it this week and super excited. Fall is starting to begin here, feels really nice out.
Well I got the email asking what airport I would like to travel to for my flight back home. I need this asap possible so they can reserve a seat and find the best option. 

March 28, 2017

Sorry that I didn't write last week, B. came down from catamarca to go to some doctors apointment and then we met up to eat lunch and after we went to the temple session in the afternoon where 3 members of our ward were endowed. But V. did get baptize last sunday, was a great baptism service and she was comfirmed Sunday. We had a great week we had 6 investagadores in church! We are also teaching the wife and 2 kids of a less active member that is reactivating. We have lots of potential and work here in the area. However my comps back has been bothering him for a while now, yestarday we went to the clinic, that was a diaster of its own, but the doctor says that his muscles are really tense and spasm so he gave him some medicine that helps his muscles relax. He has 5-7 days of rest... limited walking, etc., etc. So yestarday I organized the area book, going to have to do find things to do and try and do a lot of splits with the other elders in the pension. 

April 4, 2017 - 22 months

The week was really slow with my comp's back problem, but everything is back to normal now. The conference was great I had many favorite talks or talks that really called my attention, I really liked Saturday sessions.  I reorganized the area book, studied a lot, it was a very rainy week. Yeah 5 weeks until I get to call and 6 to be home.

April 11, 2017 - Transfer to Dean Funes 6 weeks left!

My week was really good. We went to the Zoo P-day, we had a conference, a had a church activity. Yes my comps back is better and we were teaching alot of people. We have a awesome family that decided to get baptized. We just had transfers, I was transfered to Dean Funes to end the mission. I thought I was going to end where I was but transfers are always full of suprises. So now I'm trainer breaking Elder Man. It was really hard and sad to say goodbye to many of the investagadores and members there and also Elder Ragasa. 
It's a small little town with a branch. And I'm not traing, I'm the first comp after the Elder's training. I'ts 2 and hours away.​

Miss and love you guys too!

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Monday, March 6, 2017

February 2017

February 2,  2017 - 20 months

The week has been good, We've been busy. We've been teaching V., pretty sure she will get baptized near the end of the month, We have to teach her two more lessons. We had a good lesson with her and her mom about the plan of salvation.
We had a zone conference with president, said goodbye to two really good friends of mine(Elder Seely and Elder Alvarez)
We had a Pollo al disco with a family from the church who invited another family, was super good and great missionary work. Made french toast for breakfast yestarday with a family for the church, we got a referal. lots of food combined with missionary work the week, haha.
Love this area so far, strong ward with very loving members.
My comp is a realy good worker and he is really fun to talk to. 

​more pictures of our fun pday to cosquin today. River pic and the train ride.​

February 15, 2017

I have one plack with the name mendi on it, it's my mission nickname and I use the name for the people that can't say my name well. I usually use that name tag pdays.

Now that I'm back in the city I can go to the temple every transfer.. so 2 more times.. wow!

Well I'm sick that is why I'm emailing today and at this time. I have a nasty head virus. Throat, ear, head hurt, and i have fevers. Have 2 days of rest(today and tomorrow) Went to the clinic this morning and got antibiotics and some stronger ibuprofen.

Beside that I am good and we had a good week. I did intercambios with my district and been busy working in the area. 

February 21, 2017

I feel so much better. My throat is still kind of sore but it is way better than before. Yeah it is very nice to be able to go to the temple regularly. Well I rested wednesday and Thursday and then elder mancero a elder from my group that was living in the same pension as me went up as assistent so now elder summers has a mini missionary. Friday the church had a primary activity, the mini and I went did the judging of the costumes and organized the games. We had 2 investagadores there which was nice. We had three investagadores in church this sunday and we should be having a baptism this sunday. Been working with the mini and also my comp. It is super hot and humid. 

February 28, 2017

I'm going to be training this transfer, so it is looking like I will end the mission training here in Chacabuco. Pick up my new newbie tomorrow. President most of liked how I trained because it isn't very often that someone trains more than once.
The investigadores are going well we have the baptism coming up of v, we reactived the dad and he is going to baptize her. They both came to church this past week and he was ordained to the office of priest. We are working with a lot of part member families right now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

January 2017

January 3,  2017 - 19 months

Hey mom!
My week was pretty good, was pretty hot and with lots of humidity. We had a rainy 31st but it was good, we ate alot and enjoyed the night. 

We are in Rio 4 right now because we have zone meeting tomorrow.

Miss you and love you!! thanks for all the help, support, and love

January 10, 2017

summer is going to go by so fast with all the stuff i want and have to do. 
I'm pretty sure the package will show up this month. 
We get the call this weekend, we'll see what will happen.(about transfers)

Was a pretty good week, we had some pretty good success. We also had intercambios with the zone leaders. Been studying alot during the siesta, I love the scriptures so much!!  We had a huge rainstorm sunday, got soaked going to church and everything was flooded. I also can't believe that i only have 4 months left, I'm sure they will pass by so fast with a new area.

Miss you all!!

January 17, 2017 Transfer to Chacabuco

Still nothing on the package... I hope it's in the mission home or super close to getting here. I was able to pull out the money, went smoothly and was very secure. I got transfered to Chacabuco in cordoba captial the north stake. I'm reading 10 pages each Day since the begining of the year and the Book of Mormon is flying by, I'm already in Jacob.

It was sad livinh my kid but I feel like the area is going to be great, I'm going to try to work my best 

Love you all 

January 24, 2017

The new area is great, really big ward and a big area with lots of work to do. Really strong members here and many want to help in the missionary work. My comp Elder Asplund is from San Diego CA, he has 5 months in the mission. Really cool dude, we get a long really well. 

My head is spinning with so much stuff lately, but working hard and keeping focused with the work. I'm trying my best not to worry and think about home, school, and all that stuff.

We found a lot of people this week. I'm flying through the BoM. In mosiah

my comp and elder summer have more pics.

McDonalds lunch with my comp

Peruvian food Today

January 31, 2017

Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast with several apostols and other general authorities. They taught us several things about the importance of teaching repentance and baptizing converts. They also made a few small changes to the missionary schedule and the numbers that we report. It was very interesting to see how the changes they made were truly inspired to help us be more focused on the most important thing. It reminded me of the general conference talk "Good, Better, Best" from a couple years ago. Now, because of these changes, it will be a lot easier to focus on the "best" or most important things instead of being caught up on "better" or "good" things (which obviously are still good, but not as important). Its a great model for our lives, focusing on what is most important instead of procrastinating it for something of lesser importance.

My week has been great, we are working hard and having much success. We had H. and S. in Church sunday. Yestarday we taught a member's grand daughter for the first time, she wants to get baptized this month!!! We are also teaching this really awesome referal from the bishop. We are finding and teaching lots of amazing people here. Love the ward and my comp. The 4 elder pension has nice and lots of fun. Been running every other day in the mornings. I am now in the book of Alma.

I got a package from the Bush family, give the family my thanks! Can you send me her email so I can write here thanks and write back to her letter.     
Still waiting on the family package, starting to get worried.

Love you guys so much