Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015

Monday August 3, 2015
I can recieve packages here as long as they are sent to the mission president home. Been a busy and long week of contacting, teaching, reactivatihng, and planning. Big problem in argetina is people getting legally married because the cost and paper work, working on this issue with three couple/family investagators. So our baptizm dates are set pretty far like a month or so if they get the things done ASAP. Did alot of service this week too, cleaned out this room that had all the constructuion materials in it from when being completed, looks great now. also for a couple who just moved we helped them move and also cleaned up and cut their lawn an other day. looks really great as well. Not to much to new or excting this week but if you have any questions or anything just let me know

Monday August 10, 2015
I dont think the size matters. Should send some peanut butter and syrup Also you should me a picture album of the fam and stuff. And the weather has been kinda chilly some days and other days it remains me of a AK summer. Yestarday it rained for the first, not fun when it rains here because they really dont have storm drainage, plus the dirt streets either flood or get extremely muddy. Oh dang, but hey bats keep away the bugs so you all should make a bat house outside and also to keep the bats out of the house haha. Language is coming along great; understanding like 80%, still alittle diffucult to contstuct sentences. Yeah the peoeple are pretty receptive to the gospel.

They Have a icecream place here called Grido and it is delcious and pretty cheap 70 pesos for a kilo. Some things are really expensive, but yet again we dont get to much money either, food is pretty cheap here. We get about 1700 pesos, equivalnet to like 190 dollars, every month. The area im in is Arguello in Cordoba and its about 20-30 minutes away from central. Our area is has 4 elders and we split the area in half. There is 2 wards in our church building which is the stake center. so the mission presdinet and his assitneces attend the other ward. On a good day we have about 130 but yestarday was 93 ;(  Yes i can see the mountains, they are kind of in the distance though 

Cordoba Temple

Monday August 17, 2015
Been a crazy and awesome week. In the beging of the week we had Zone P-Day and we played all kinds of fun games and watched libro de vida. We are allowed to watch animated movies on P-days here, like disney, dreamworks, etc. At the end of the P-day we did a zone companionship exchange for a day, I got Elder Souza who is from Brazil. He speaks zero english, but it was a really awesome 2 days with him and speking total espanol. Me and my Comp gave several blessing of healing this week, a little difficult with the language but everything takes practice. We had a batptizm this past Saturday for C, Which was great! At at Cyber where the computers doent have a spot for my sd or usb port so i apoligize for no pictures this week. I love the smell of the panaderias (bakeries) here when you walk past them or go inside to get some delcious bread or facturas. Also i love the kioskos here, which is just a window of some ones house, and the have literally a little store inside of food, cleaning stuff, etc. knock on the glass or clap and the you tell them what you want. We have right across the street from the street from us and another two houses down the street that also has spot to buy fruit, veggies, and eggs.

Ether 12 and Moroni 7 are amazing chapters that i read this week in my personal studies.
Foto de la conferencias de zonas
Monday August 24, 2015
Everything has been great, cant believe i finished my first transfer. I did my first spanish session in the Cordoba temple last thursday! Was great and a little difficult but it was very spirtual, the cordoba temple is so gorgeous. Working with lots of inactive members and and some awesome investigadores. We found the this amazing family last friday and we taught the first lesson last night! Got really sick last monday night throwing up all night and direaha, and both at the same time once. So just rested all last tuesday. All good and healthy now! Me and my comp have been giving a lot of blessings and doing alot a service latlely. Also last sunday the bishop ask me to set someone apart, lots of preisthood opurtunities, a little difficult with the spanish but its great practice and i get better each time. Miss you all!

Cordoba Temple

Homeslice the Pizza Man
Monday August 31, 2015
Getting super hot here! No didnt transfer or get a new comp nothing actuaually changed in our zone, only a mini missionary went back and we got a one elder in place of the mini. How was thier first day of school? We had a church confernece(transmisión) for the the countries of Argentina, Uruguay and paraguaya. Elder cook and Hales spoke, it was a really good conference! we had three of our investigadores come as well! We downtown today very cool sightseeing places and lots of cool shops! 


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