Monday, October 17, 2016

September 2016

September 6,  2016 - 15 months

We are having a lot of changes in the mission especially with rules and things we can do. We now have P-days Tuesdays. 
My comp was super sick this week had a 104 fever and we made a fun little hospital trip.
i'm just kind of stressed out and a bit overwhelmed. Just some of the changes and the the living situatuion still not being resolved. But its a trail and a learning experience everything will be fine in a week or so I'm sure. We have transfers this weekend, think i will be leaving which will be nice. A nice fresh start 
I miss you guys a ton! Only about 8 months left. Christmas is just around the corner too.
Things to send in my package - socks, tie, toothbrush heads, maybe a small cologne ( my clothes always seem to smell like dirt haha got to love washing clothes by hand )and some peanut butter!!!

September 13, 2016 - Transfer to Rio Tercero

Yes this week was very good! Yes, I transfered to Rio Tercero(third river) as DL. I'm know back in Cordoba but more south, Had two bus rides with 9 hours of travel. I'm pretty dang beat, but I'm all unpacked and already loving the area, we have a really nice apartament and we have bikes!!

It was pretty hard leaving Catamarca with all the family and friends I made there, each transfers seems to get harder. We baptized again Sunday night. We had to fill the fount with buckets of water for 2 hours because the water was cut off again but this time we found the place to turn it on. But the water was still pretty slow after we turned it on. Howevever everything ended well :) Sent a picture of me filling a bottle water of water so we could fill the water cups for the Santa Cena. 

Sending a picture of me and my new comp fixing our bikes up, feels so wierd to ride a bike... so much faster!

Don't have anymore stress really, just had a tiny meltdowna and was pretty overwhelmed with alot of things last week,

Love you!

September 20, 2016

The new area is treating me well! Legs are kind of sore from riding the bike all over but all is good. We had stake conference this past sunday so we had to travel 3 hours and the we had interviews with president and rode back in the car with him. Was good trip with him telling about life stories. Drank some really good real grape juice yestarday with some really good meat my comp made. We've been working hard and always seem to have little problems with the bikes but we always find a solution and fix them. Will be really good at fixng bikes. We went to this small meseum today where they had some cool bones from ancient animals here. I giant shell from a giant armadilo looking thing

Yeah I got a new suit it was pretty cheap  and plus lost some wait so kind of needed a suit a little bit smaller. My comp is ELder Venegas from Peru, he is from my group or better said we came into the mission at the same time. He is crazy fun

September 27, 2017

My week week pretty good, kind of dragged on but we had lots of fun and we talked and taught alot of people, sadly not too many people went to church becasue it was pretty cold (for argentina) here. We gave talks sunday, I gave a talk about the scripture and the importance of daily study and my comp about keeping the sabbath day. Very excited for General conference!!

The area is good, lots of things we have to help the ward become stronger and we have lots of people we are teaching but we have lots of young couples that need to get married before their baptisms. Hopefully we'll see some baptisms next month.