Friday, December 25, 2015

October 2015

10/5/2015 4 months
Conference week was great.We had a baptism inbetween the sessions sunday. Conference was amazing and it has different incredible light when watching it on the mission. Every talk applies to one of our investagadores or yourself in a way. Yes the prophet does seem pretty frail but it was good to hear what he had to say. Got a new comp. still in the Arguello area tho. Elder escobar from Chile. 
I really liked the talk by larry Lawerence

Speaking spanish is great, i love it. however my english is fading at the same timea little bit, especially with spelling and sentence strcucture.

Wrote lots of notes during the conference

Had my first big thunderstorm here the other day lots of rain, hail, thunder and lighting. was so hard to sleep that night. Its starting to get really hot, so summer is just around the corner for us.

Went to the temple again, got a lot of garden pictures.

My old zone

Lots of motos and mopads, lots of trash on the side of the road. Sadly you kinda get use to it. The driving is crazy here also but also something ive gotten use to. What kinds of foods did you eat there. I hope learn more language after the mission. Thats awesome, think owen really could go somewhere with swimming!! My week has been very stressful, long, and also good. First week of new transfers are always crazy. Aesome having a latin comp. 
Me and my comp set a baptism date for a lady when i first starting teaching two months go said she wouldnt change her religion. 

How was this past week? We did some servive on saturday morning at a member's house when we got a call that we needed to go to the church to donante blood, so i donated blood this past saturday. Been keeping up with the Rugby World Cup a little bit here with the members. Los Pumas de Argentina are doing pretty good so far. Been working with a lot with three people to help them live the word of wisdom before baptism, lots of people smoke here. Also been busy getting people on their way with all the marriage paperwork and stuff. Hoping that we can get three baptisms this transfer. we got M set for this weekend, pray that she can quit smoking by wednesday.
Oh and news about sending packages, send them by the government postal serivices, nothing private like fed-ex or similar.
I miss you guys a ton! 

Next week i should be at a cyber that doesnt take forever to download fotos so look foward to recieving a bunch. Investigators are doing good, fasting and praying alot for M, Hopefully she will be able to get baptized this weekend. dang cigarrillos! We have a conference tomorrow with president looking foward to that alot also an activity this weekend in the church. That sounds really good!! Miss lots of food, not much variety here when it comes to food. 
Learn over the past week or i noticed, that when you have or strive to have (do your best) the spirt changes really happen and bendiciones come with out us really noticing.   

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