Friday, November 11, 2016

October 2016

October 4, 2016 - 16 months

It rained today, so it's pretty cold and damp and it'll be like this for a week. Well we had a long day of travel and fun! 4 hour bus drive with chatting, playing suduko, and a small nap. Then we walked around down town in Rio Cuarto. And today we went to this book holiday/festival at the town square, was pretty cool. Then we played lots of ping pong, table soccer, and ate pizza with the other missionaries. Then we visted this really cool family from Peru. I really enjoyed the the conference, lots of focus on certain subjects which was intresting and shows the importance of the subjects. Love the second session from saturday when they talked alot about missionary work. I really enjoyed the talk from B. Kent Nattress and Kazuhiko Yamashita.

October 11, 2016

My week was pretty good. We've had a lot of bike problems this week but thats not anything new, just more then usually. We found and are teaching some really great families, really wanting to baptize. we'll see what comes out of these families, keep them in your prayes, especailly the S. family.

The new area is good, we are working hard. We are have lots of success in two neighborhoods. The ward has the assistence of a branch but the members I know are very nice.
My mission president is from Chile. And there are about 200 of us

Love you and miss you!!

October 18, 2016

It was pretty good we have everything nice and fixed up on our bikes right now, hopefully everything will last and we can avoid problems for a few good weeks. Been a very busy week with intercambios with the LZs and doing baptism interviews for my district. It has been pretty rainy here, we got caught in the rain riding home last night which was kinda of fun but we were soaked. We had a guy show up to church by himself this past sunday. We also had lots of service opurtinities this week which was nice! Love service. 

October 25, 2016

BIG NEWS will be training this transfer! Pick up my 'kid' tomorrow. We had a big thunderstorm last night and its still pretty gloomy, but the rest of the week was very nice and warm. We get alot of thunderstorms in Río Tercero.
I'm good in cordoba today and tomorrow, went to the temple and did a session and then we ate Mcdonalds. The week was good we have a lot of people that we are teaching and there are many who have baptism dates but the problem is that they aren't assisting church. Really pretty here lots of fields, horses, and love the river.
Been studying 2 Nefi (the isaiah chapters) and isaiah in the bible. I like to download the audio copy, I listen to one before I go to sleep or during personal study. I've only seen one primary program in my mission and that was when I was in Arguello. 

My first time training. The Mcdonalds menu is super tiny but they do have a few special burgers that pop up every once in a while that I've never seen but they arent anything really crazy or Argentinian. Do have a really good mcflurry thats of a argetina cookie brand/sweet. Super hard to find a Mcdonalds here, have to be in the city.

Nutella is hard to find here and super expensive, also peanut butter. I miss a bunch of stuff, there is not a big variety here. But I really miss salids, mexican and Asian food.