Friday, December 30, 2016

December 2016

12/6/2016 - 18 months

I sleep great with the new pillow. Yeah the water is pretty nasty and it isn't fun, we just get soaked and covered in nasty who knows water. However luckly we don't get to many crazy storms like that too often. So we had transfers, next transfer is my birthday. I'm staying here to finishing the training of my kid, and then I'm pretty sure I will be going to my last area. It's been nice and sunny as well as super hot!!!!

My week was good was a normal week ( first time in a while ) We are in the process of finding new people. We've doing a lot of service lately which had been nice, cut and cleaned up a lawn/property and yestarday we cleaned the church.

Studied 2 nefi 25 and 26, Mosiah 28, and lots of DyC


Monday, December 26, 2016

November 2016

11/01/2016 - 17 months

My kid is a mexican!!! We are going to be cooking mexican food together for sure, i'll make sure to copy some recipes. I totally forgot about halloween. They celebrate alot of catholic holidays here. That sounds like it should be fun! 

My week is has been good, kind of dragged on. My kid's name is Elder Peralta he is from the capital of mexico. Teaching him the ropes

Here are pictures from a while back with my old comp and now


Well this past week went really well!​ We had lots of success and we also have lots of amazing people that we are teaching and progressing. Just got to get the people to assist** the church, the enenmy loves to put obstacles in the way. I'm doing good missing owen and noah a lot! Everything is good with my companion, things are a little less stressful now. Best part of the week was wednesday when we made tacos as a district and monday when we a found l, very humble but good guy. Really wants to go to church and know more about the gospel. So we had a mountain lion and its cub come down from the mountains looking for something eat/hunt. It was wondering our neighborhood and the neighboorhood next to ours. Heard it fighting with the dogs in our street one night, pretty sure it went back up.
The week I have been studying alot of the plan of salvation subjects so i've been jumping around all over the scriptures.

6 more months.... the time just keeps on flying faster and faster

Miss you guys a ton!
In my prayers and thoughts! love you

** yes attend haha asistir is the spanish word spanish is destroying my english little by little.


Well I had quite the week! Wednesday we had the zone leaders with us for exchanges and it was a very rainy wednesday morning. I showed up to the chapel to prep everything for the District meeting however I realized I forgot my notebook that had all the things I was going to talk/teach about and the numbers of the past week. So my comp and I had to race through the rainy streets to go back to the apartment. We returned to the Chapel soaking wet. Was a really great meeting though, we all recieved revelation. Then after we finished the exchange with ZLs and they were in the bus headed back to their area my bike chain broke loose and I busted my knee pretty dang bad could barely walk and it was swelling. Took some ibuprofen and iced my knee the whole night and it was almost perfectly better in the morning. What a blessing and miracle in my eyes. Thursday morning at 4am we woke up to travel to Cordoba to attend a meeting for the newbies and their trainers. Was a really good meeting/conference. We went over the past three weeks and how they went and also talked about the strong points and the things we liked about our comps or how our companionship is. Then president talked to the newbies about the vision of the mission, how things won't always be like we think, respect towards the trainers and leaders of the mission, and what is a succesful missionary. Sunday when the zone leaders called me to recieve the numbers from the week of our district we experienced a little earthquake, was pretty crazy but it didn't last too long. Early monday morning I Had a nasty 24 hour stomach bug that really messed me up, had to use the bathroom a lot but the antidiarrhea pills did wonders and during the rest of the day I felt super weak and had a small fever. Was in bed the whole day, slept most of the day and read the scriptures when I was up. All healthy now and feel great now!!!

Yestarday I studied alot 
D&C 11, 12, 76, 130-133 and a little bit of hebrews

and during the week I studied about repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands

Excited to talk to you guys soon!!
Miss and love you all


We had a pretty big rain storm Wednesday, streets flooded in water and we got super soaked. This past Friday we had the christmas conference for the mission. It was pretty nice and fun. It was sad saying goodbye to alot of missionaries and friends who are heading home this week. The whole mission got new pillows, sunscreen, and a small bag of sweets. Church was great, I recieved a lot personal revaltion in priesthood and sacrament meeting. Kind of getting antsy for transfers that are coming up, Don't know if i will finish training or go somewhere else. This area has been pretty rough for me in terms of missionary work, but its been a time of much learning and personal development. I've definitley learned how to have more hope, patients, and much more. 
I like training but it bee very tiring, and training is 12 weeks but sometimes you only train half the time and a new elder comes in and finishes the training.

don't worry I got pictures to send you today! :)