Friday, December 25, 2015

December 2015

Andrews mom here...I have not been very good at keeping this blog updated as regularly as I want to, but I have gone back and updated the past few months.  We were able to skype with Andrew today-it was great to see him and hear his voice!  He is doing great! He is enjoying the mission, the people and the food of Argentina. ~ Sara 12/25/2015

12/07/2015 6 months
Hola como están? My week was very crazy and long but also good. Im super tired! We had a christmas musical program of missionaries this pass sunday. Consited of a choir and narrationes and some solos. Was super awesome experience. We practice for 4 week every sunday. And a few days here and there. It end out bieng incredible. A ton of people showed the whole chapel, cultural hall, and stage were jammed packed. Lots of members and investigadores. The spirit and the message was so strong. We sang great! We have the christmas conference of the mission coming up this next monday so im not sure if ill email then or tuesday, well see. Today we went to carlos paz. great area and very beautiful. A little toursity but lots of  cool stuff there. prayer for G that he will be able to stop smoking

Sorry im a few days late, but Happy Birthday mom! :) Te amo muchísimo

Skype call 25 de diciembre! Send me your skype name that you all will be using the 25.  

thank you for the information. Cant wait to talk to you guys too! Glad to hear thr funeral was good, i hope the family is doing okay especially grandpa. 

Well i was illegal or the past two weeks or so. So i had to go to tucuman from wednesday till friday night. which is en Argentina norte. Went with thirty other missionaries. We did paperwork and legal work for our DNIs. Now im legal again, i think... hahaha
Tucuman is outside of our mission so that was wierd. was very hot, 40 C  with lots of humdity one day and the other day it rained alll day. durning the storm the power went out  and i got stuck in the elevator for 10 minutes with 5 elderes, and the whole hotel sweated all night without airconditioner the power finally came on 3 in the morning. Ate some really good food there, had lots of fun, and did some long and boring paperwork, made some expercences and didnt get much sleep with 2 super long buse drives. 

-american candy poker
-Asado ( there is some intestine and stomach in there , but its not bad especailly the intestine) 
-trying to teach a statue in tucuman

los quiero mucho! Espero que todo ustedes tienen una navidad buenísima. Estoy muy agradecido por cada ustedes en mi vida. Recodar el verdadero espíritu de Navidad, ha nacido un salvador.

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