Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transfer time - big city life

​It was amazing talking to you all, miss you guys ton after! Really do love the mission even though a times things can be hard. Yes I transfered, Im in the city now, 9 de julio ( 9 of July). Got another chileno, his name is Elder Bravo! i knew him a little bit before now, he is super awesome and excited to be his comp and work with him. Thank you :) and i look around now that im in the city but im thinking no. We live in apartment complex. we have a elevator but its a bit sketchy, but hey we have an elevator! we cleaned the apartment a bit today and i unpacked, met a member who does our laundry and the we had lunch with other members. Our apartment is super close (1 block) to the soccer field of Belgrano, a team i like here, can see the field from our window.

Thats A LOT of food--pommes, meat and an egg or two
Apartment with a view-Soccer stadium

01/04/2016 7 months
yes the location or the name of the ward. and yup lots of food. the member got mad at us because we didnt eat it all of it even though we were stuffed. she is from peru and its bad manners not to eat all the food presented, means that you didnt like. but there is certain point when you just cant eat anymore and it was super good.  next we have lunch with this family we are either going to have giant stomach ache or bring a tubberware to put the leftovers in. the food from peru is really good, we have lots of members from peru is this ward and area. 
New years was pretty good, felt the same as christmas! haha Loooots of fireworks! yeah we have a entire family that will getting baptized in 2 to 3 weeks. and also a few news here and there. I like the city, just really hot and we talk to and help alot of drunk people in the street. 
New Years

New Years

Yes there are plenty of intresting people in the city, find them everyday. being in the service of others is something special with a unique feeling. Well we set a baptism date for this up coming saturday, so we have a baptism this saturday. The sister's family of N should be getting baptized next weekend. Also i was able to go to Arguello for the baptism of G and Y. I baptized G. Super awesome to the huge change the gospel has had in his life. Especially their wedding and him quiting smoking. i will send the fotos when i can because i dont have the adapter with me. 

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