Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 2016

June 6, 2016

This website explains what is locro better than i can, but it literally mix of all kinds of vegatables and meats, I like mine with beef and cow stomach. 

I had great week, it is slowly getting colder here but it hasnt been too bad. Some snow on the peaks of the mountains. 
​Saturday and ​y
estarday it rained all day and was pretty cold however we had some 
​more ​
delcious and hot Locro for dinner!
​ We hopefully should have another baptsim this weekend and another one next week. We are in the process of finding new people to teach but we got some good refferals to work with.
Love you!​

June 14, 2016

Finally get to email! Yestarday we had the farwell conference of President Alliaud, Sister Alliaud, and the Alliaud kids. Was a very spiritual, great, and sad conference. I've learned so much from them and felt their strong love for me and the other missionaries. 12 hours of travel, so we slept a little bit today.

Dont have much time but I miss and love you all very much!

Tell dad that i left my piece of paper with the scriptures in the pension but ill send it when i can, have some really good scriptures.

June 20, 2016

The weather was gorgeous this week, was the perfect temp. with sun, a bit chilly in the morning but thats about it. wow crazy to think that school is close to being done for owen and noah.

Gave a talk this past sunday about studing the scriptures and I used this quote, I think it help.

"...Sounds too hard for me. Don't be dterred. Hard can be good. Christ invites us to do many hard things because He knows we will be blessed as a result of our efforts."
-Devin G. Durrant

In the valle viejo branch I taught primary this past sunday while my companion was giving the lesson on the book of mormom class.

We had transfers. Staying my comp another transfer,very happy that! Really good friends and we got of work to do here and we just began to see some of the blessings.

We had una noche blanca (a white night) last saturday, look at all the white the foto, we baptized P.

Pollo al disco is the food pic

Love you!!

June 27, 2016

We got snow in the valley this Saturday and Sunday. Today we went up into the mountains to play with the snow that stayed. Wow 90 degrees, I'm sure you all enjoyed that change of weather. I've become weak to the cold, it's freezing. But the days when its cool weather with the sun shinning I really enjoy. Send some sweets/choclates from germany.
The best part of this week was thursday when we went to Valle viejo and went around everywhere with a hermano in his car and he introduced us to inactives and people to teach. We had lots of success with him that day, and now we have lots more people that we are teaching and possibly be baptized very soon. Also sunday there was a really great talk about why we do the things we do and how we should do things for ourselves not for fear, society, etc. and also to come more closer christ through the things we do. We had the baptism of V this past Saturday.

lots of people go up to the mountains to make small snowman that the put on the hood of their car and the drive around with it in the city, pretty funny site. The rarity of snow has its silly funny traditions here.

Drinking mate from a grapefruit(super good)
Señor SUN

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