Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

May 2, 2016

They havent had a game at the stadium near us for a while, they are in the process of building a new belgrano stadium. But always buses full of soccer fans going to the games, and been lots of games lately. Havent seen any parrots, there are some very different birds here though.

G got baptized but in a different ward close by due to living situation, but he invited us to his baptisim that was this last saturday. It was great, really went through alot of trails up to his baptism. really stayed strong and faithful. We are teaching another H who is amazing. read the whole joseph smith pamphlet and last friday he was in 2 nefi. Hopefully he'll come to church this coming sunday. meeting with him wednesday.


It was GREAT to talk to you all yestarday!Transfer went pretty well long bus ride with on and off sleep but i slept a little bit this morning and feel great now. Elder Lopez is going to be a great companion. Sometimes its hard/sad to leave but i havent had really big problem with transfers. Its sad to leave the members and people your teaching then a comp in my opinion. I traveled with one elder and a hermana

Valle viejo Catamarca! i'll try to take alot more pictures 

I feel like trying to find people that honestly have the desire to listen and some of the very humbling thing seen or experienced are the hardest things of the mission.  
Best part of the mission is seeing the change and happiness the gospel brings to peoples lives.

Love you and miss you

May 16, 2016

First week here was great!! Lots of success and plenty of work to do here in catamarca. Adjusting very well. The people here are very tranquilo and very receptivo. We are very close to the mountians! Ate some more locro sunday, was so good. Probably one of my favorite foods here in Argentina now. The apartment is a lot better from day one here, we´ve been cleaning little by little and it is making a huge difference.

Got a mom who is getting married and then she is going to get baptized with two of her daughters. Also we are teaching this amazing kid who wants to get baptized, has a very sad story. 

May 23, 2016

Loving the area more and more each day! Always ending the week and days very tired, lots of work :) It's more green now because its winter, but usually its a green brown. The mountains had snow on the peaks this morning. 
We baptized last night, L is a a amazing and very smart kid. We have been working with him a ton the last past 2 weeks. He was so excited for his baptism. Very sad that his mom didnt come, but it still was a great night for him. And we have another one planned for this saturday or sunday. In two weeks the our zone of 10 missionaries has 11 baptisms and achieved zone sion (each companship has baptized)

                                                        I dont know why but the computer is reading my camera, i have a ton of amazing pictures to send.... :( 
I'll try to send the soon as possible if not next week for sure.    

May 30, 2016  1 YEAR!!  

Finally got to send those pictures. 

Lots of missionary work going on here. We had the baptism of S this past saturday! We traveled to La Rioja wednesdy morning at 5 to have a conference with President Alliud. Was a great conference even with only 28 of us there, so different from the conferences that i have had in cordoba. I loved it though lots more one on one and i learned alot. 13 of june we travel to cordoba to have the departing of President Alliud... going to be a bitter sweet moment. 
Covering a ward and a branch is very draining sundays but i love it at the same time. We refferals here and there but mainly we work with part memeber families and people we talk to. But we love refferals!!

We went to a lost old village that was found last monday and wednesday 25 de mayo was a huge holiday in Argentina and we ate lots of locro.   


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