Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July 2016

July 4,  2016  13 months


The indepedence day here is 9th of July, not to far away. It's been cold but I've been staying nice and warm. Yes we are still covering 2 churches. We have our new mission president, i think we are going to cordoba again for another conference.
Its crazy to think that half a year has passed by already, time is flying for me. But me and my comp are working our butts off here and really seeing the blessings and miracles. Love missionary work! We had a very succesful week and a had great sunday. We recieved a referral the other day from a hermana in Valle Viejo, the mom and the daughter game to the church by themselves. They came early to the church so we taught them a bit and invited them to be baptized, we have their baptism planned for the 23rd. They loved the church and are very interested in our message. Also we have a member that works in a little village a hour way that hasnt been touched by missionaries or has heard much or nothing of our church. She has some referrals for us there and we are going to try to get permission to go there and share the gospel with everyone possible.

July 11, 2016

I'm definitley enjoying and soaking in the mission. I don't know if they will have these things becasue each spanish country has its typical plates and foods but... empanada, matahambre, alfajores, 

facturas are the pastry thing I like, but they are only in Argentina. If you ask for a factura in spain people are goin to thing you are asking for a recipt becasue that is the meaning outside of talking  about the food or a bakery.
We dont have tapas here, tapas here means the dough to make empanadas, the cap of something, or cover a book. Spanish is a tricky language because one thing can have other meaning and it is based on context and in other countries words have different meanings. 

La siesta is right after lunch for about 2-4 hours(depends on the people and where you are) Dinner you would usually eat late but im sure if your in the city or touristic area stuff will be open. I would thing things would start to open around 6 after the siesta.
Cala means cove or inlet but a beach or the seaside is also playa 

We should have some baptisms very soon we got some people who are almost there. Hopefully this weekend or the next.

July 18, 2016

It took my stomach a while at first to get use to some of the food here.
Ooo that sounds super good, haven't eaten bacon here in Argetina. Miss good old bacon, haha.
I drank alot of fresh grapefruit juice here. Lots of orange, mandarin oranges, and grapefruit tress here in peoples back yard and in the streets. Eat atleast one madarin every day, super sweet and delcious! Also the other day we had a avacado shake really good actually. milk, avacado, and a little bit of sugar.

There is a huge festival going on here in called Poncho, it one of the biggest festivales that happens in Argetina. Tons of cool thing to see and buy. If you want some cool Aregtine stuff this is the place. Very talented people who make all kinds of thing from clothes to knifes.

(Mom had just read this talk given by Sister Oscarson Do I Believe? )
That is a great talk! I remember it, ill try to reread it during studies this week. The investagadores are coming along very well. B and M brought there grandma to church and she has intrest in the church now. I'm now teaching english to several people which has been great. I hope that we will have there baptisms very soon. Best part of this week was interview with the new president. Was great to meet President and hermana Correa and talk with them and hear what they had to say.

Mom: Cup and spoon/straw thing? Andrew: It is MATE

Mom: do you like Mate? Andrew: I LOVE it. I didnt like it at first it was very bitter but after my first month i liked it.

Mom: Are the stars different? Andrew: The stars are different here,  you have go north of latitude 25 degrees South to see the big dipper it in its entirety. THe most north point in Argentina is 21 degrees

July 25, 2016

My favorite part of the temple is the environment. A place to think about the future and past. A place to feel peace and refuge from the world and your life.

My week was very crazy but we closed on a wonderful sunday thouhg. Friday the chapel water was shut off for some dumb reason and no matter what we tried to do we couldnt get a hold of some who had the key to open a door out back. Because they were in cordoba, or you have to talk to this person, blah blah, etc.. etc..We even tried everythin up to calling the fire derpartment to fill the baptism fount, but they said it wasnt important enough to do so in that moment. Then friday night my comp had to go to cordoba and i stayed with the zone leaders the whole day saturady. And saturday morning we did contacts in a park with all the youth of the stake during their youth conference. was a intresting experierence teaching with 6 others teenagers. Some have very strong testimonies. Finally we baptized sunday and had our ward conferences with the stake and their talks. Was a really good sunday.

-all the argintine stuff that I have slowly collected 

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