Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

March 28, 2016
¡Feliz Pascua!
Favorite part of the week was Easter, Loved Easter. Wonderful talks sunday in church and we had our missionary choir concert last night. The stake center was packed and i got to see members from arguello! The songs sounded great and the spirt was very strong. We had tranfers and nothing really happen me and elder brinton are staying.
The rest of week was pretty good we had fun walmart run before a zone meeting and really great district meeting. We also found this reaqly yummy italian icecream place and some great choripan with the elders quorum the other day.
I'm very excited for conference this coming week!!

April 4, 2016 10 months
WOW what a wonderful general conference!!Kevin R. Ducan, Mervyn B. Arnold,  David A. Bednar, Christopher Wadedell, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, and Jeffery R. Holland were some of my favorites talkers during conference! Especially loved the talks by Bednar and Holland!!

We had a amazing miracle reference from the Easter concert. G who is 17 almost 18. He has been to a different ward 2 times where his parents live with a friend who is a member. But he lives in a apartment behind his grandparents house in our area. Very smart and nice guy, is in his first year of medical school and knows english pretty well. He has read 3/4ths of the Book of Mormon and has been reading lots of articles on the church website and app. We are now teaching him, He has a amazing testimony already and is taking things very seriously. He had a dream that has built his testimony of the church being true. He is waiting to turn 18 at the end of this month so he can get baptized with out signed content,  because his mom is super evangelical and is against his decision. His dad is pretty catholic and his grandparents are ultra Catholics. He is demonstrating so much faith in his decision to be baptized even though his family doesnt like the idea to much. 

Love you all and hope you enjoy sunday's talks!
Elder Andrew Mendenhall

April 11, 2016
Been Washington weather this whole past week, lots of clouds, rain, sprinkles, and overcast. Haven't seen the physical sun all week. The weather is still continuing and its actually pretty chilly. Little rough with the missionary work this week with the weather because nothing happens here when its cold and rainy. No one comes out for anything here when it rains even just a little. Best part of the week was when we helped a member move to a different apartment in the area, loving doing service in the mission. We had a fun P-day today, we played pool and went bowling. We have interviews with President tomorrow. 

April 18, 2016 
My week was really good. This older couple that is refrence from a member are progressing a ton, however H is a state of bad health and is waiting for his kidney transplant. Sadly he got pretty sick saturday niht so they couldnt go to church. been reading the book of mormon, We are going to invite them to be baptized tuesday. Friday it got really hot out of the blue, close to 100 degrees, we took advantage of the good weather and contacted a bunch. We found some cool people that have some potential. Back to cold and rainy weather now, i bought new sweater today.

I talked about the sacrament. 

Tips on prayers:
-be specific
-express your feelings and thoughts
-explain your desires/goals and how you plan to accomplish/achieve them.
-pray outloud in a private place

April 25, 2016
We find people by talking to people in the street or contacting houses. We've been talking to alot of people daily and found some new investigadores and others who have intrest to hear our message.  The investigator family is doing good, he is doing a bit  bettter. 
Yes Argentinians take siestas daily, lots of places are closed during this time period of the day and not too many people are out. For that and also it being the hottest time of the day we had a hour nap  during the siesta in our summer schedule. 
We take the bus around everywhere, there are a few areas that have bikes
The next transfer is in two mondays,I believe I will transfer.
Have had a small head cold since Saturday but i'm already getting over it. Had intercambios twice this week once with the zone leaders i was with Elder Price my trainer in my area which was fun to work with again, we taught a guy in a park. The other one was with our district on saturday.
Really good peru food, this small green squash that is pumpkin shaped and it is stuffed with meat and cheese, and then you have rice on the side. Reminded me of stuffed peppers. 

Love you!

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