Friday, February 26, 2016

January 2016

January 26, 2016

Its been crazy hot it got so hot that our power went out in our aprtment complex and our power dint come back on with everyone elses. A cable burnout in our apartment so we were with out power for 2 and half days. We didnt sleep to well those days with the heat. But everything is good now and the air conditioner is working. 
We had a crazy storm yestarday night, started with a heavy winds and a sand storm kind of thing, then heavy rain, lots of hail, and lots of thunder and lighting. 

My week was pretty good slowky getting use to the crazy hotness. We have a baptism this coming saturday!


-a very fun advertisment that we found for a comedy play 

-A young man from our ward getting set apart before he left for the mtc en buenas aires, serving his mission in argentina but more south. 

-Wislon washed up in Argentina

-the sky before the storm hit last night 

January 18, 2016 Andrew's 20th Birthday!

Thank you! Its really weird thinking I'm 20. I hope it makes it soon too, thinking it should be close or its ready to be picked up. It was a pretty great week. Well we had the baptism of N this past Saturday which was great, was a very emotional and spirtual experence for her. Her sister and her family came and we set a baptism date for the entire family of 6(minus one because he isnt 8) for 30th of january. They all came to church this past sunday too. Earlier that day we when we were cleaning and filling the faunt we ran into scorpions the parentes were a decent size and like 5 super small babies. Oh also very exciting news we got a small air condtioner unit for our bedroom, soooo nice! its been so hot and humid here, sometimes 40 

Very pretty picture, miss the cold and snow for a change haha never thought i would say that. 

yestarday it was a members birthday so we had a combined birthday lunch after church!

candy bar for my bday from president and his wife, super good

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