Friday, February 26, 2016

February 2016

February 22, 2016
Well Monday night we had a huge storm that destroyed some stuff; lots of trees, roads, power lines, cars and some houses got really flooded. with the floods we were without power or water for three days and then there was a street riot outside the third day burning trash and rubber and blocking the street requesting water and power. That was quite the interesting event. 

We got some really awesome investagadores, we had three come to church. Weve also been teaching some english which has been pretty fun too.´

February 8, 2016
factoras are like sweet cresants with differnt fillings and toppings. The bakeries here are great! Yestarday it rained like crazy after church and we got caught in the middle of the storm and got completely soaked and then the main road flooded and it was flowing like a river, we were walking up to our knees walking in water yestarday! Was quite the adventure(Elder bravo has the pictures, hopfeully he´ll send them to me soon) today is tranfesrs, Elder bravo left for chilecito which is super north 9 hours away, dropped him off at the bus terminal last night and slept in the pension of the zone leaders. Now i Have elder Brinton who is a great friend from my last zone, should be a great transfer and companionship. This transfer is 7 weeks long because they uped the normal time in MTC from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. Also soon will be having a brodcast from elder bednard for all the missions in south america. 

Loved the package and actually the chocalte was suprisingly alright! The choclates and sweets from germany are super good! Loved the birthday present very much! love you guys

February 1, 2016 8 MONTHS :)
Hi mom! I know right its crazy how fast Enero went by, and im sure Febrero will go by even faster. 8 months yikes!!! Yeah the temps have a lot nicer this week for us and no poweroutages. The city life is great, it very difficult to contact with apartments and lots of people busy or not home. Like that everything is close and you can pretty much find anything you need or any type of store. Really good bakery near our pension always fresh and delcious factoras. 3 of them got baptized this saturday, we are still working with the dad (we have lots of work to do with) and the one of the girls who is really shy and wants to wait for her dad. So this week we are going to help them out and also be looking for more news to teach. 

Also the packages are in the office, im picking them up tomorrow :)
(it took 10 weeks for this christmas/birthday package to arrive, better late then never-Sara)

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