Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MTC 4th Week

Tuesday June 30th

This week has been very chaotic and awesome! Since the Mission
President Seminar they closed off the main building where the
cafeteria is and we ate in the gym. My district also hosted the new
incoming missionaries again this week. Felt bad for them coming in at
such a chaotic time. And the all sisters moved into a big new
residence building and then had to move out two days later because
there were bats in the building hahahahahahahahaha. So they had move
back into the old residences. 

Singing was amazing! Sang Missionary
Melody on Thursday which was a medley of a bunch of missionary songs.
Friday we sang a beautiful arrangement of Precious Savior, Dear
Redeemer. Saturday was the commemoration of Joseph's Smith martyr and
we sang a arrangement of Joseph Smith First Pray. I felt the spirt
soooo strong singing that song there with the apostles, general
authorities, and mission presidents. Was a live changing experience
and a testimony builder. Strongest I've felt the Holy Ghost ever in my
life, practically the whole choir was crying when we were done
singing, including myself. Sunday we sang a arrangement of I Know My
Redeemer Lives for the Prophet and apostles during the Mission
President Seminar sacrament meeting. I am so grateful and blessed to
have been able to have such a blessing and opportunity to sing at the
Mission President Seminar. 

So while the week mission president seminar, since we didn't have the
cafeteria we got outside world food! We go chick-fa-la chicken
sandwiches, subway, Taco Bell, cafe rio salad bowls, papa john pizza.

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