Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MTC Week 5

Tuesday July 7th

Last week at the CCM. Have 20 horas of travel going to be loco y muy largo trip. The idioma is coming along very well. It was sad having to say adiós a un distrito en nuestro zona Hoy. Ahora my distrito es the top dogs y me and mi companion son líderes de la zona. We get a nuevo districto on miércoles of 9 nuevo elders. Feel bad for the 2 hermanas in a zona with 19 Elders. 

Por cuatro de julio nosotros had a devotional primarily to keep us from hearing Journey playing at stadium of fire located at the BYU football stadium. The devotional was good and after we got to watch some of the fireworks from stadium of fire after the journey  concert. Trees and buildings were in the way because we were in the parking lot, but still got to see some cool fireworks.  Oh my gosh mi Inglés sentence estructura is getting mal... Lo siento. Thought I would have some fun using espanol in my email. English spelling is getting hard for me now hahah. It's amazing how much I've learned with Spanish and the gospel because of the Lord and being in the MTC. feel very blessed! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts. Love you!

You'll have to show me the picture. And yes I was in the back row second from the end. 
We are off to the temple today to help clean it! We also get to watch Elders Packers funeral this Friday.

Elder Mendenhall

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