Friday, December 30, 2016

December 2016

12/6/2016 - 18 months

I sleep great with the new pillow. Yeah the water is pretty nasty and it isn't fun, we just get soaked and covered in nasty who knows water. However luckly we don't get to many crazy storms like that too often. So we had transfers, next transfer is my birthday. I'm staying here to finishing the training of my kid, and then I'm pretty sure I will be going to my last area. It's been nice and sunny as well as super hot!!!!

My week was good was a normal week ( first time in a while ) We are in the process of finding new people. We've doing a lot of service lately which had been nice, cut and cleaned up a lawn/property and yestarday we cleaned the church.

Studied 2 nefi 25 and 26, Mosiah 28, and lots of DyC


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