Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MTC 1st Week

Hola everyone! First P Day at the MTC. Feels like I've been at the MTC forever, the food isn't as great as every says it is, but today we went to the temple (which was awesome) and had delicious breakfast at the temple cafeteria after our session. First day at the MTC was crazy!!!! Very spiritual, amazing, and exhausting! First day's first class all Spanish, very difficult but learn alot in class this way and now it has gotten better and I actually understand what is being said, grasping the language slowly and strongly. At the MTC you really humble your self a realize you need the lord in all the things you do and he helps in so many ways. We were able to watch Elder Tom Perry's Funeral on the 5th was quite the service and very touching.  Question for you all to ask yourself, Who is Heavenly Father to me? My companion is great, Elder Hendrickson! My zone and district is also awesome, full of great missionaries, people , and now friends. and Had some very long and Hard days here, but through God Nothing is impossible!

Love Elder Andrew Quinn Mendenhall

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